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Disciplinary Report for
Sarah Clayton of Worcester Shamrocks
Match Date: 19 March 2016

Location: Van Horn Park

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
  Inside Center
Nature of Offense
Dangerous tackle. Tackling above the shoulders while the receiver was in the air.

Teams and Results
Home:    Springfield Women Score    28
Visitor:   Worcester Shamrocks Score    46
Time into match of Incident:   76
Score at Time:   (H)  21   (V)   46
Offending-side Captain:  Sarah Ludy
Opposing-side Captain:   Carrie Shackett
Weather and Field Conditions
Sunny, 45 degrees. Grass field in good condition.

General Pattern of Play
Clean game with lots of handling on both sides.

Detailed Report of Incident
Late in the game in open play, a Worcester player kicked ahead. A Springfield player jumped and received the kick cleanly inside her 22. As she was coming down, Worcester No. 12, who was onside, attempted a tackle but ended up colliding with the receiver while she was still in the air, wrapping the receiver above her shoulders. The receiver went to the ground after the collision. Play was immediately blown dead. It was clear that this was just a misjudged tackle. However it was dangerous, which is why the sanction was a yellow card rather than a full penalty. Both the penalized player and offending side captain were apologetic and accepted the sanction without question. The tackled player suffered no serious injury.

  Dean Jorgensen
Date Submitted:
  19 March 2016