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Disciplinary Report for
Am checking on name of Worcester
Match Date: 02 April 2016

Location: Moakley Park

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
  Number 3 prop
Nature of Offense
Yellow card - hand to face

Teams and Results
Home:    Charles River Score    7
Visitor:   Worcester Score    25
Time into match of Incident:   55
Score at Time:   (H)  7   (V)   18
Offending-side Captain:  checking
Opposing-side Captain:   checking
Weather and Field Conditions
Rained all morning but field was dry and rain was just finished

General Pattern of Play
general back and forth and good game

Detailed Report of Incident
Generally, this was a good spirited game but there seemed to be a some meaningless niggle going in the rucks and mauls. After the second incident before half time, I called the captains together and told them to tell their teams to get their acts together or someone would walk. In the second half, there was a another push and shove situation which I was about to let calm down and deal with it with a penalty to the visitors. However, the visitors Number 3 (Prop) put his hand up the home players face and neck giving me no choice to give a yellow. There did not seem to be malice so I did not give a red. The niggle went away after that.

  Declan Boland
Date Submitted:
  03 April 2016