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Disciplinary Report for
Sean Mahon of Penn State
Match Date: 09 April 2016

Location: Dartmouth

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Dangerous tackle ("tip tackle")

Teams and Results
Home:    Dartmouth College Score    30
Visitor:   Penn State University Score    25
Time into match of Incident:   52
Score at Time:   (H)  20   (V)   13
Offending-side Captain:  Brian McKellar
Opposing-side Captain:   Jack Braun
Weather and Field Conditions
Cold, Clear, firm pitch

General Pattern of Play
Fast, Aggressive, hotly contested

Detailed Report of Incident
Dartmouth attacking, inside the Penn State 22.

After the Dartmouth fly half had passed the ball, PSU #6 tackled him late. He lifted him and dropped him onto his head/shoulder area. I clearly saw the offense. I played advantage, which resulted in a Dartmouth try, while Dartmouth's trainer attended to the fly half.

After the conversion I called over the PSU captain and #6, and asked them to wait while I verified what I had seen with AR Sam Hoar who again agreed with my observations.

I returned to the captain and #6, detailed what I had seen, and issued the red card. I told the PSU captain that I felt his players were not playing in control and that he needed to manage this.

  Nick Priscott
Date Submitted:
  12 April 2016