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Disciplinary Report for
Jahuan Clarke of South Burlington, VT youth
Match Date: 07 May 2016

Location: South Burlington High School

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
Yellow Card, repeated attempted Punching

Teams and Results
Home:    South Burlington, VT Youth Score    12
Visitor:   Essex Junction High School Score    64
Time into match of Incident:   58
Score at Time:   (H)  5   (V)   52
Offending-side Captain:  Sean
Opposing-side Captain:   james
Weather and Field Conditions
70 degrees, sunny with pasing clouds and a light breeze, Dry and mostly Grassy pitch but for a few dirt spots here and there. Field was not lined for rugby.

General Pattern of Play
Essex was scoring regularly by controling posession at breakdowns and moving the ball into space for their backs. South Burlington often had possesion but lacked the same oganization at rucks as Essex to control possesion and put phases together. First half disipline was fine but as we got into the second half play became scrappy and I had asked the captains to remind their teams to keep their disipline up-- to play rugby.

Detailed Report of Incident
Essex was attacking inside South Burlington's 22 when Mr. Clarke #7 made a clean tackle and got to his feet. Then with a closed fist attempted to strike the tackle player's body but did not make contact. Essex won possesion and the ball was passed out then that ball carrier was tackled into touch. Before the line out I had a word with #7 that an atempt to punch = a punch, in my book, and any similar action would be dealt with harshly. Play resumed and with in a minute of my warning him #7 did the same thing, swinging a closed fist at a tackle, this time making grazing contact. Penalty and YC were given. He returned to the game in the final minutes.

  Mark Kanya
Date Submitted:
  07 May 2016