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Disciplinary Report for
Jeremy Feliciano of Berkshire
Match Date: 10 September 2016

Location: Moakley Park

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
  Inside Center
Nature of Offense
Throwing a punch - Foul Play

Teams and Results
Home:    Boston Ironsides Score    14
Visitor:   Berkshire Score    59
Time into match of Incident:   43
Score at Time:   (H)  7   (V)   47
Offending-side Captain:  Dave Colli
Opposing-side Captain:   Max Walker
Weather and Field Conditions
Cloudy, high 70's. Field was in rough shape from the lack of rain, and in general rough shape.

General Pattern of Play
Very open, Berkshire broke lots of big runs, and they were playing with 13 so there was more room than usual to being with.

Detailed Report of Incident
With the game well in hand for Berkshire, in the 2nd half, after 13 minutes (only playing 30 minute halves due to late start) after a breakdown, an Ironsides player was on the ground with #11 of Berkshire Jeremy Faliciano, standing over him yelling at the Ironsides player. As I started to run over to the squabble to break it up, Feliciano threw a punch at the player on the ground. The punch did not connect, but the intent was clear. I immediately stopped play and ejected Feliciano from the match. Feliciano proceeded to tell me how bad I am at being a referee, and slowly made his way off the pitch. The rest of the Berkshire players profusely apologized on behalf of their teammate, but Feliciano didn't appear to think he had done anything wrong.

After the game, I approached Berkshire and Feliciano to ask if he knew why I gave him the straight red, he responded with "respectfully, I don't care. I'm a grown ass man." With that, his teammates again apologized for his behavior, and I left the pitch.

  Matt Freund
Date Submitted:
  10 September 2016