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Disciplinary Report for
Daryl Wilson of New England College
Match Date: 10 September 2016

Location: New England College

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
  Second Row
Nature of Offense
Foul play-Acts contrary to the spirit of the game.

Teams and Results
Home:    New England College Score    21
Visitor:   American International College Score    29
Time into match of Incident:   50
Score at Time:   (H)  14   (V)   19
Offending-side Captain:  Ryan
Opposing-side Captain:   Skylar
Weather and Field Conditions
Overcast and humid but dry. Pitch was full sized, grass and properly marked.

General Pattern of Play
Chippy and physical. Both sides showed a significant amount of rust and ill discipline.

Detailed Report of Incident
Play had begun to deteriorate and grow chippier, with increasing off thd ball extras. At an ensuing ruck an AIC player came in to poach the ball and the ruck deterioated. I had blown my whistle for a penalty when shoving occurred. Mr Wilson went to get the ball away from a player on the deck using his feet when he kicked the player in the abdomen. I immediately blew my whistle and observed for any other foul play as more extra curricular activities ensued. I separated both sides. I then called the player amd captain over and issued the red card. I then called bith captains over and had a stern chat with them and instructed them to talk with their respective sides.

He did not feel it should have been issued and again plead his case after the match. It did not appear malicious in intent however the outcome never the less required the red card.

  Josh Silveira
Date Submitted:
  11 September 2016