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Disciplinary Report for
Matt Regan of UAlbany
Match Date: 17 September 2016

Location: AIC

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
10.4.e Playing an opponent without the ball

Teams and Results
Home:    American International College Score    98
Visitor:   University of Albany Score    3
Time into match of Incident:   62
Score at Time:   (H)  74   (V)   3
Offending-side Captain:  Adrian
Opposing-side Captain:   Skylar
Weather and Field Conditions
Cool evening. Turf field with a dizzying array of lines, seemingly for every sport from American football to caber tossing.

General Pattern of Play
A typical AIC try-fest with few breakdowns.

Detailed Report of Incident
An AIC player who had received a pass from his teammate after a UAlbany kick in open play hit a clearing kick as Mr. Regan closed in. The kick was clearly away and Mr. Regan nonetheless continued to take two steps at full speed to tackle the kicker, who was in a defenseless position. I checked to see where the kick landed (in touch at around the half way line) and then blew a long whistle, which the AIC guys vociferously expected. I stopped the time to insure that the AIC player was unhurt (he was fine) and that nobody would try a quick throw in, as well as to deal with the offender. WIth the help of AIC's captain (Adrian had replaced Skylar as captain by that point), I asked the AIC players all to retire to behind where the incident took place to insure a buffer space. I called over the Albany captain and Mr. Regan, explained to them that the late hit was illegal and that he could have pulled out of it. I showed him a yellow card, which he accepted without protest. AIC was well-satisfied that I had the matter in hand, and they continued play without any discernible ill will.

  Mark Stepsis
Date Submitted:
  18 September 2016