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Disciplinary Report for
Fred Jacob of Providence
Match Date: 24 September 2016

Location: Dick Green Field

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
21.7.d interfering with a player taking a penalty kick quickly.

Teams and Results
Home:    Albany Knickerbockers Score    32
Visitor:   Providence Score    17
Time into match of Incident:   49
Score at Time:   (H)  5   (V)   17
Offending-side Captain:  Jerry
Opposing-side Captain:   Jason
Weather and Field Conditions
Sunny and cool day on a firm, hard, grass field.

General Pattern of Play
Providence had their biggest lead of the day, but Albany was making a (till then) rare foray into their opponent's 22.

Detailed Report of Incident
Albany's #9 took a penalty quickly inside the 22. Mr. Jacob, the penalized player, stood right in front of the Albany 9 and immediately grabbed him as soon as he had taken a couple of steps, despite my call to "let him run". This cynical act was clearly intended to deny Albany a quick ball possession in a scoring position, so I stopped play and issued a yellow card.

  Mark Stepsis
Date Submitted:
  25 September 2016