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Disciplinary Report for
Gareth King of Wheaton
Match Date: 01 October 2016

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
  14 - Wing
Nature of Offense
Striking another player, Fighting

Teams and Results
Home:    University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth Score    15
Visitor:   Wheaton College Score    8
Time into match of Incident:   70
Score at Time:   (H)  10   (V)   8
Offending-side Captain:  Lucas Rosa
Opposing-side Captain:   Aiden Fitzsimmons
Weather and Field Conditions
Wet, muddy, rainy

General Pattern of Play
Hard fought in the rucks, with most plays keeping tight to the pack. many scrums in the slick, wet weather

Detailed Report of Incident
Ball Carrier, UMD 19, goes into contact, is tackled, ball presented and ruck is formed. the play is rough but appears within letter of the law. ball is played by UMD scrumhalf and continues away. as players from ruck get up a scuffle begins between 19 and Wheaton players Gareth King - 14, and David Nega - 23. Players on both teams hear the scuffle and turn and begin to run towards the conflict as the whistle is blown and an attempt is made to disperse the fighting, which is effective.

  Jarrod Ford
Date Submitted:
  03 October 2016