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Disciplinary Report for
C.J. of North Shore
Match Date: 08 October 2016

Location: GEAA Field Lynn, Mass.

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
  Second Row. #5
Nature of Offense
Dangerous tackle (high)

Teams and Results
Home:    North Shore Score    27
Visitor:   Freedom RFC Score    20
Time into match of Incident:   63
Score at Time:   (H)  27   (V)   8
Offending-side Captain:  Andrew
Opposing-side Captain:   Josh
Weather and Field Conditions
High 60s. Cloudy. Field featured two sandy baseball infields and about half of the field was simply dirt.

General Pattern of Play
Both sides used their packs to create multiple phases before opening their attacks up with passes to the backs. Hard hitting physical match

Detailed Report of Incident
Toward the end of the first half Mr Campbell got into a verbal argument pushing match with a Freedom forward. At the next stoppage I called the captains over with the two players present . Because it was just "hand bagging " no penalty was awarded but I did remind the captains that until this point in time we had had a good clean match and I did not want it to deteriorate and asked them to speak to the two players involved about their discipline (which the captains did). At the 63rd minute Freedom was awarded a penalty about 30 meters from the North Shore try line. There was some dissent by North Shore so 10 meters were walked off. Freedom than ran its penalty. Mr. Campbell teed off on the runner hitting the runner squarely in the back at shoulder height but the tackle continued up over the head of the tackled player and Mr. Campbell drove the tackled player down into the ground onto the tackled player's shoulder. The match had started to become a bit chippy. While the tackle was not flagrantly dangerous given the context of the match, and the earlier situation with Mr Campbell at the end of the first half a penalty alone was insufficient and a yellow card was warranted. The chippiness ended and when Mr. Campbell returned to the match there were no further issues with him.

  Christopher Davis
Date Submitted:
  09 October 2016