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Disciplinary Report for
Hillaria Lymas of AIC
Match Date: 09 October 2016

Location: AIC

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
10.4.e dangerous tackle

Teams and Results
Home:    American International College Women Score    46
Visitor:   West Chester University Score    0
Time into match of Incident:   66
Score at Time:   (H)  46   (V)   0
Offending-side Captain:  Shamira
Opposing-side Captain:   Lia(?)
Weather and Field Conditions
Cold and rainy. Turf field.

General Pattern of Play
AIC dominance all day in every way.

Detailed Report of Incident
Ms.Lymas grasped at an opponent who had beaten her with footwork and speed, grabbing the opponents ponytail and pulling back hard on it. Just as there is no crying in baseball, there is no hair pulling in rugby. I blew an angry whistle to let the players know that I saw the infraction and that I would deal with it (heated reactions from the West Chester players immediately followed the incident) and showed Ms. Lymas a yellow card to approving nods from the other team.

  Mark Stepsis
Date Submitted:
  10 October 2016