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Disciplinary Report for
Brendan Stephany of Coast Guard
Match Date: 15 October 2016

Location: Coast Guard Foundation Field

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
Nature of Offense
10.4.e dangerous tackle 10.2 penalty try

Teams and Results
Home:    US Coast Guard Academy Score    69
Visitor:   Quinnipiac University Score    7
Time into match of Incident:   6
Score at Time:   (H)  0   (V)   0
Offending-side Captain:  Caleb
Opposing-side Captain:   Reid
Weather and Field Conditions
Beautiful sunny, cool, clear day. Coast Guard's well marked grass field is a bit shorter and narrower than optimal.

General Pattern of Play
It was early going, with Quinnipiac not yet having their hopes of winning doused by Coast Guard's relentless running and tackling.

Detailed Report of Incident
Quinnipiac created and converted a 2 v 1 on their left touchline, so their wing was running unimpeded for a certain try. The Coast Guard fullback had a good angle on him but was never going to prevent a try. He collared the Quinnipiac wing with his right arm, bringing him down awkwardly and hard, but not preventing clear grounding. Absent this dangerous tackle, the wing would have had a clear run under the sticks, as no other Coast Guard player was in the vicinity. I blew play dead, showed Mr. Stephany a yellow card, and awarded a penalty try.

  Mark Stepsis
Date Submitted:
  16 October 2016