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Disciplinary Report for
Molly Plantae of AIC Women
Match Date: 22 October 2016

Location: Norwich Univ.

Red Card Offense

Player's Position:
  Second row/flanker #4
Nature of Offense
Foul play - punches thrown.

Teams and Results
Home:    Norwich University Women Score    13
Visitor:   American International College Women Score    26
Time into match of Incident:  
Score at Time:   (H)  8   (V)   26
Offending-side Captain:  Shamara Robles
Opposing-side Captain:   Kim Hurley
Weather and Field Conditions
Very good

General Pattern of Play
Norwich played a controlled game, keeping possession of the ball near the rucks. AIC played a more open game relying on its back-line. AIC generally showed poor discipline with four or five penalties in the first five minutes of play for, among others, offsides at the ruck and a high tackle. AIC's captain was warned about the undisciplined play, reminded of her agreement to be responsible for her team's discipline, and given the opportunity to speak with her team. It helped, but the change was temporary. AIC was reminded of the need to maintain discipline before the start of the second half although the number of penalties remained a little high.

Detailed Report of Incident
A ruck formed near AIC's 22 near the left touchline. AIC won the ball and spun it out to its backs. Within seconds of this, I heard yells and saw, near the left touchline and about 10 meters from the place of the ruck and further up the pitch, players who were grappling with one another. I blew the whistle hard while some players managed to pull their teammates away, but two players remained locked in a fight. Although their teammates attempted to break it up, and did, they did not do so before the AIC player landed at least two punches to Norwich's #3 in the area of the head and face. I do not know what precipitated the dispute; I saw only the result. Until that moment, and other than the three instances of foul play by AIC players (two high tackles and one tip tackle, all penalized and two leading to yellow cards) I neither saw nor heard of any instances of cheap shots off the ball or of players jawing with each other.

  Christopher Ekman
Date Submitted:
  22 October 2016