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Disciplinary Report for
Mike Hess of Western Connecticut State University
Match Date: 29 October 2016

Location: Western Conn. State U. Rugby Field

Yellow Card Offense

Player's Position:
  Wing Forward
Nature of Offense
Yellow Card: 10.4.(e) Dangerous tackling. Tackler lifted the ball carrier from the ground, turning the body beyond horizontal, and then unsuccessfully attempted to lower the player safely.

Teams and Results
Home:    Western Connecticut State University Score    15
Visitor:   Quinnipiac University Score    20
Time into match of Incident:   57
Score at Time:   (H)  15   (V)   8
Offending-side Captain:  Chris Rossini
Opposing-side Captain:   Reid Holden
Weather and Field Conditions
55 degrees, mostly sunny with cross breeze. Short and narrow grass field in fair shape.

General Pattern of Play
A good, hard game between evenly matched sides with both teams playing at full speed for 80 minutes. The spirit of the game on full display.

Detailed Report of Incident
The tackler went in low, wrapped the ball carrier around the legs, and lifted him beyond horizontal as the tackler drove forward. He held onto the ball carrier as they both went to ground but the ball carrier's shoulder hit the ground first.

Per GMG 2016, If the tackler attempts to lower the player safely, but is unsuccessful, it's a PK and admonishment and/or suspension. I opted for suspension as there had already been a number of full penalties in the match for sloppy high tackles. No argument whatsoever from the binned player or his captain.

  Dean Jorgensen
Date Submitted:
  30 October 2016