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Match Report for

Wesleyan College (1st) vs. Amherst College (1st)
17 September 2016

Location: Follow the road away from Freeman athletic (away from campus) and the field will be on your left. You can Park at long lane farm on the opposite side of Long Lane or drive to the other side of the field (Wadsworth St.)

Wesleyan College: 15    Amherst College: 17

First match of the season for both teams and the play was spirited but sloppy with a lot of stoppage due to knock ons and off sides. Wesleyan had a number of chances but was unable to capitalize on opportunities. The weather was perfect for an early fall match but the field was as hard as concrete. Scrums and lineouts were well contested and evenly split. By middle of second half the forwards on both sides were showing their lack of condition causing a few dangerous scrums that we whistled and restarted. A Wesleyan prop was injured in a scrum and since there was no stretcher to take player off field campus security and EMS arrived to remove player from field and take to hospital. Talking with the coach the next day I was informed player released that evening from hospital. Half time score was Amherst 12 Wesleyan 10.

Referee: Don Warner