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Yale University (1st) vs. (1st)
13 November 2016

Location: The YRFC plays in the northwest corner of Yales intramural fields next to DeWitt Family Field (the softball diamond). Our pitch can be identified from a distance thanks to the goalposts at either end.From Yale:A bus runs from Payne Whitney Gymnasium to S

Yale University: 57    : 32

Columbia University Rugby team came into this match having had a rough season. They brought only sixteen players to this match, with fifteen players on their thirty-one man roster being injured. However, they came prepared to give this match what they had. There were immediately hard struggles at almost every breakdown and it was clear that every man on the field wanted to win this match. Yale opened the scores with a try and conversion after ten minutes. Columbia retaliated within a few minutes with a try and conversion of their own. Then Columbia scored another try, this time missing the conversion. Yale was getting penalized a number of times for being off-side at the ruck, while Columbia's lesser experienced front row struggled in the scrum. Ten minutes before half-time Yale score their second try, scoring the conversion to take a two point lead. Columbia then scored their try, but did not manage to convert, taking the lead back. Just before halftime the referee decided he had enough of Yale almost constantly being in front of the last feet at the ruck, and sent a man off. Columbia quickly took the opportunity to score another try, missing the conversion just before halftime. The score had been very much back-and-forth but at halftime, Columbia was leading twenty-two to fourteen. The second half was started with Yale still being a man down. However, even with fewer numbers, they were able to score a try and a conversion just seven minutes into the second half, making the gap just a single point. A few minutes later, with their man back, they scored another try, this time missing the conversion, grabbing a four point lead. Yale showed a lot more discipline and the lack of substitutes on Columbia's side was starting to show. Yale scored another try, extending their lead. Columbia then scored another try, making the gap closer again. However, Yale then scored three more tries, making their lead now too large for Columbia to close. They did score another try right before the final whistle, but it was not enough to win the match. Over the course of the match Yale scored nine tries, to Columbia's six, and Columbia managed to score the conversion only once, to Yale's six. This was a hard fought match with a lot of back-and-forth and a lot of high-running emotions.

Referee: Bram van Buuren