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Match Report for

North Shore vs. Springfield
22 October 2016

Location: Parking should not be an issue, contact Tim Wilkinson at 978-882-3352 with any issues

North Shore: 34    Springfield: 5

First, I hate rugby in the rain. I didn't as a player, and it hasn't changed as a referee. Warming up helped to get in the game zone, thankfully the weather was still fairly warm with intermittent spots of glorious sunshine. Both teams had great attitudes about playing regardless, and even with a pitch that may have been more mud than grass, things were as crisp as they could have been considering. Both teams were getting used to how to best run the ball, which made play stick inside the middle of the pitch for a lot of the first half. Two Springfield penalties inside the 22 gave North Shore a chance to kick for points. The first came at the 18th minute, but was unsuccessful. The second came at the 23rd minute, which was successful. Ten minutes later, Springfield were able to answer back with a great run along the touch line and score in the corner. Conversion was unsuccessful. With two minutes left in the half, NS scored again near the uprights, conversion was successful. 10-5 at halftime. Second half proved to be a lot of NS powering through, capitalizing on supporting runners and making breaks on the outside where there was more grass to run on. This after spending the first portion of the second half getting used to how to best play in the rain and move the ball quickly enough to be effective. The next try came at the 22nd minute, then three more evenly spaced every 5-10 minutes, even scoring right under the post to end the game. The ball wasn't always able to move as they'd hope with falls coming into the mud puddles or a kick not moving the ball once it landed in a puddle, but great work was done by both squads. Final score 34-5 in favor of North Shore.

Referee: Elvy Asonye