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Match Report for

Framingham State University Women (1st) vs. Westfield State University Women (1st)
25 September 2016

Location: Keefe Tech 750 Winter Street Framingham, MA 01701

Framingham State University Women: 42    Westfield State University Women: 19

Kickoff ran about 5 minutes behind as we had to wait for goalposts and corner flags for the pitch to arrive and be set up. Framingham won the toss and decided to kick the ball to Westfield. Westfield decided to defend the right side of the pitch (if you're facing the bleachers). Framingham kicked off to Westfield and the two teams seemed pretty evenly matched until Framingham came away with the lead. There was a lot of playing on the ground by both teams, or two players not releasing the ball while on the ground so I had to call numerous scrums to the attacking team. The touch judges and crowd were respectful, as well as the players on the sideline. The final score was 42-19 with a Framingham victory.

Referee: Olivia Benzan-Daniel