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Match Report for

University of Massachusetts - Amherst Women (2nd) vs. Northeastern University Women (2nd)
15 October 2016

Location: rugby pitch is located behind football stadium

University of Massachusetts - Amherst Women: 27    Northeastern University Women: 27

After an exciting A-side match, the B-siders try to continue the trend. The teams agreed to roll subs and 30-minute halves.

Northeastern scored off the kickoff as their #10 blew past UMass upon receiving the ball to establish 7-0. UMass scored two tries in the 12th and 15th minute after Northeastern earned a Yellow Card on a horsecollar tackle, making the score 10-7. Northeastern regained their player and retook the lead 12-10 in the 23rd minute. The hosts quickly responded to seize the lead thanks to a great run by their wing, making the score 15-12 as the half ended.

UMass scored off the opening kickoff to make the lead 22-12. Northeastern played inspiring rugby as they scored tries in the 39th and 46th minute to knot the score at 22. Northeastern didn't enjoy the tie for long as UMass's wing scored again in the 49th minute to make the score 27-22. Both teams traded possessions and technical penalties as the match closed down. With four minutes remaining, Northeastern scored but could not hit the go-ahead conversion. With thirty seconds left, UMass had a penalty at midfield, but could not turn it into points as poor ball handling gave Northeastern a chance to steal the game. A kicking error by the visitors gave UMass a final counter-attack opportunity, but Northeastern's defense swarmed the ball carrier and forced her into touch as the game ended in a 27-27 tie.

Referee: Alec Tolivaisa