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Match Report for

Dartmouth College (1st) vs. Boston College (1st)
10 September 2016

Location: Dartmouth University, Hanover NH

Dartmouth College: 17    Boston College: 22

A surprisingly sloppy performance marked by flashes of individual brilliance, especially by the Dartmouth #15, but otherwise dominated by the Boston College team. Both teams' attitude during the early portion of the game was, again, surprisingly forgettable with backchat, pleading for perceived infringements, and questioning of calls. The BC coaching staff was especially guilty resulting in both coaches being asked to retreat behind the 5m ropes 30 mins into the match and their Head Coach, Rob Conway, being banished from the playing area for confrontational behavior at half time. He worsened matters by continuing to yell at me as he left the enclosure. I let the BC Captain know that I would report his behavior. Boston College was also egregious in their inability to keep their substitute players and fans behind the 5m ropes throughout the game. The lack of Assistant Referees for this level of match definitely hurt in the area of touch decision near the in-goal area.

Dartmouth's coaches and Captain conducted themselves with utmost professionalism but their players were unable to change their behavior regarding cynical and repeat penalties. The Second Half play improved with better flow and individual performances, and BC turned the tables on Dartmouth after 2 of the latter's players were together in the sin bin for approximately 9 minutes. The stronger team won.

Referee: Bhuttu Mathews