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Match Report for

Mad River/Stowe (1st) vs. Springfield (1st)
10 September 2016

Location: Parking at Pitch. Pitch is right off West Hill Road, at Stowe Polo Fields, follow dirt road until you reach the pitch.

Mad River/Stowe: 12    Springfield: 23

Spiritied contest, with bouts of solid, well-organized offense met by stout defense, and occasional lapses with some loss of discipline. Ultimately, the visiting side's better discipline and persistence carried the day. One highlight (?) saw a hard-running ball-carrier changing direction and being tackled hard into the referee's head, resulting in lots of blood, seven stitches, and a fill-in from the sideline who ably finished out the match. Thanks to all for their spirit and sportsmanship.

Referee: Sam Hoar