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Match Report for

Boston Ironsides (1st) vs. Berkshire (1st)
10 September 2016

Location: Moakley Park

Boston Ironsides: 14    Berkshire: 59

The start of the game had to be delayed about 15 minutes as Berkshire didn't have enough players to start the game on time. Traffic on 93 was really bad, but they got 13 players and we started the game. Due to the delay, and another game being slated to start on the same field right after, we elected to play 30 minute halves. Berkshire had 3 players who were far superior athletes from anyone on the Ironsides. Berkshire really wasn't that good of a side, but these same athletes broke long runs time after time, making the score 26-7 at half. Mid way through the 2nd half, a Berkshire player threw a punch at an Ironside player, and they were immediately ejected. I will submit a seperate report on that. Even after the red card, Berkshire still scored 2 tries playing 12 on 15.

Referee: Matt Freund