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Match Report for

Albany Knickerbockers (1st) vs. Amoskeag (1st)
15 April 2017

Location: Dick Green Field, Albany

Albany Knickerbockers: 13    Amoskeag: 12

A fine day on soft green earth with well marked lines on the pitch made for a beautiful playing surface. Wind had picked up from Fresh breeze with periods of Strong down length of field. This did provide an upwind attacking team with a definite advantage.

Both teams were evenly matched and the game was well contested. Low scores due to intense pressure from defending teams when ball was in 22. There was very good play by the backs of Amoskeag. Efforts were made to draw Albany defense out of position with switches and passes wide. However, Albany remained in their channels and were able to stop much of that type of play. Albany's strengths were from the pick and drive. There were good efforts to move the ball wide, however, the running lines were not optimized and Amoskeag was able to shut these down as well.

Good spirit by both teams. A penalty early in the match were the points needed to put Albany over the top at the end.

Referee: Peter Rizzo