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Match Report for

Hartford Wanderers (1st) vs. Worcester (1st)
08 October 2016

Location: Mountain View YMCA, Meriden, CT

Hartford Wanderers: 7    Worcester: 36

Warm-ish afternoon that turned cooler during the day as the outskirts of Hurricane Matthew sent some rain in our direction, but none of the destructive winds that the south dealt with.

First time that Hartford had used this facility. Nice to have dedicated parking, actual bathrooms, and some great catered food afterwards. The pitch itself was full sized and grassy, albeit with somewhat of a slope from one end to the other.

The first half was close, Worcester going downhill and leading two tries to one at halftime. I anticipated that the hill would benefit Hartford in the second half, but Worcester became much tougher, and consolidated and built their lead to finish the match comfortable winners of a very enjoyable match.

Referee: Nick Priscott