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Springfield Women vs. North Shore Women
24 September 2016

Location: No location provided

Springfield Women: 38    North Shore Women: 15

The match between North Shore and Springfield started 15 minutes later because of traffic. The conditions were nice and sunny, with a nice breeze every now and then. Springfield started of fast and hard with a try in the first minute. They followed up again with another try in the next couple of minutes. When the Springfield women were able to punch through another try within the next ten minutes, totaling three tries and three conversions in the first quarter of the game, it started to look like it might end it in a rout. However, North Shore was able to keep the Springfield women from scoring for the rest of the first half. When North Shore scored a try ten minutes into the second half, it became clear that we did have a match here. North Shore scored again in another three minutes, getting within eleven points (North Shore did not manage to gain points with conversions). However, Springfield scored another three tries and one conversion, extending the lead again. North Shore did score a third try, but was not able to close the gap. It was a physical, fast paced match that was won by the women of Springfield through skill, speed and strength.

Referee: Bram van Buuren