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Match Report for

University of Maine - Orono Women (1st) vs. Colby College Women (1st)
17 September 2016

Location: Address leads to parking lot, field is directly behind lot.

University of Maine - Orono Women: 17    Colby College Women: 5

Colby: 1T UMO: 3T, 1C

70 degrees, sunny, breeze upfield from south to north

This match opened up as a tight contest, back and forth, with the first score not occurring until well into the half. Orono had some athletic runners, which were evenly matched with Colby's hard line defense. Both sides managed to punch in a try before the half was over. Orono came out and controlled the second half. They used their deep bench to substitute in some fresh legs, a luxury Colby did not have. After a few injury subs, Colby lost some of its defensive capabilities, and UMaine scored twice more before the end of the game. Game was impacted by several scrums, but both packs scrummaged well and gave a good platform for their respective backlines. A good first game and both teams should progress as the season unfolds.

Referee: Travis Rowell