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Match Report for

Southern Connecticut State University (1st) vs. University of Massachusetts - Lowell (1st)
22 October 2016

Location: Southern Conn State U Rugby Field

Southern Connecticut State University: 40    University of Massachusetts - Lowell: 3

Coming in with identical 4-1 records and playing a match in which the loser faced elimination from national playoff contention, these two teams entered the playing area with emotions running high. With neither side seemingly able to settle into its game plan, it was Lowell who scored first through a penalty goal at 9 minutes. After a bit of pushing and shoving off the ball, both captains were called in and instructed to have their players focus solely on the game at hand. Southern quickly found its footing while Lowell was unable to redirect its growing frustration. The weather - raw, windy, and with the occasional spell of rain - combined with a narrow pitch largely worn bare of grass made for difficult running and handling conditions. Southern, however, was able to exploit Lowell's lack of unit cohesion and discipline to turn in six unanswered tries spread uniformly throughout the match.

Off-the-ball incidents and far too much backtalk, especially from the Lowell players, coupled with too many penalties in the tackle zone marred the game. The earlier captains' conference and numerous specific cautions issued on the fly failed to have the desired effect, with a yellow card at 55 minutes handed out to Southern for second man (and first man caught) into an off-the-ball scuffle and the sending off of Lowell's captain at 65 minutes for excessive backchat. The final score of 40 - 3 was a reflection of Southerns ability to harness its emotions and focus on the execution of their game plan.

Referee: Dean Jorgensen