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Match Report for

Beantown (1st) vs. (1st)
15 October 2016

Location: New England Sports Park in Amesbury

Beantown: 20    : 11

Beantown v NOVA was a Division 1 Club Women Gold Cup Match. It was played on a multi-purpose turf field on a beautiful rugby-Saturday. It was a highly contested match with both teams attacking well and putting up strong defense. Both teams looked to play quick-ball and took every opportunity they could to poach. Both teams were cautioned for not-rolling away and ball-carrier not releasing the ball.

The first half was evenly played with Beantown being a bit more dominant. Although NOVA missed executing on overloads which may have made for a more even half. Beantown scored three trys, all off of multi-phase pick-and-go play (5th, 13th, and 36th minutes). NOVA slotted two penalties (8th & 29th minutes). 17-6 halftime.

NOVA made some key substitutions and finally executed on overloads. This was the key for them dominating the second half. Almost all of the second half was played inside Beantown's end of the pitch. Credit Beantown's strong defense and excellent ripping-the-ball-from-the-ball-carrier by Beantown #10. Beantown extended their lead with a penalty kick at the 47th minute. NOVA scored their lone try at full-time. 20-11.

One yellow card was issued to Beantown #5 (playing TH Prop) at the 72nd minute for not releasing the ball.

Referee: Sean McKenna