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Match Report for

Babson College (1st) vs. Salem State University (1st)
29 October 2016

Location: Harrington Rugby Field, 1 Olin Way, Needham MA

Babson College: 54    Salem State University: 12

Babson Coach asked for Referee discussions as early as possible as not to interfere with team preparation. Obliged. Pre-game award ceremony and National Anthem did not interfere with the Game start. Babson controlled play from the opening whistle with consistent possession and strong play. Salem seemingly could not match their speed and fitness despite Salem's decent organization and communication. Missed tackles were capitalized on. Lapses in focus, assignment or attention to detail were capitalized on repeatedly to the point where some slight in-fighting began on the Salem side. There was not a scrum down until 20 minutes into the 1st half of the game, relatively clean play. Advantages were regularly waived off due to progressive attacking play by both sides. Babson kicker made 6 straight conversions, only missing the last one of the first half. Babson 47, Salem 0. During the 2cd half, Salem came out with passion and put Babson on their heels inside the 22 a number of times, only to commit penalties or turnover possession. The frustration was mounting and the Salem Hooker who was clearly an experienced player, was being heckled by the Babson sideline and was starting to come unraveled. Some extracurricular after scrum downs/rucks, away from the play, crept in. Salem #2 and #6 as well as Babson #6 seemed to be at the center. A shoving/pushing match developed after a line out and at the same time the Salem #15 was clearly off-sides on a kick. Salem #2 took this opportunity to start screaming at me about the extra-curricular, the match was trending badly. I pulled the Salem Captain & #2 aside and warned them about the chatter and explained that I would not tolerate ANY more. On consecutive following plays, Salem was in from the side on rucks, and Babson took exception physically. I then separated both teams for the penalty, and took both captains aside for a breather and re-group. I explained to the Captains that from this point forward, they were at the limit for numerous repeat infractions, including chatter, and that there would be no tolerance going forward, players were going to be sent off. I asked them to get control of their teams immediately, or they were going to be the player sent off. The final 20 minutes was action packed, but blissfully silent, except for the repeated sound of my whistle, early and often with very short advantage played. Both Captains thanked me for the match and coaches complimented me on a job well done. Tough match to referee from a control standpoint.

Referee: Danny Saccoccio