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Match Report for

Western New England College (1st) vs. Boston University (1st)
17 September 2016

Location: No location provided

Western New England College: 5    Boston University: 57

Boston University and and Western New England University started of the match hard and intensive. Boston quickly gained dominance by scoring a try in three minutes. They kept that dominance all through the game, with a steady flow of tries, and added points delivered by conversion kicks from an exceptional kicker (who only missed three of his nine conversion kicks). Both teams struggled a bit in the scrums, with some early pushing and some rookies in the front row, but everything was resolved amicably and both teams kept their patience and their composure. It seemed that WNEU could at least score a consolation try when they kicked the ball all the way across the field and their scrum-half pushed it down in the in-goal area. The crowd cheered loudly, but they failed to realize that he had done so after a player of Boston University had already grounded the ball to make it dead. However, after the 5 meter scrum that was awarded to WNEU their scrum-half managed to pass the try line and this time the try was awarded. That try turned out to be the last score of a very physical and very enjoyable match.

Referee: Bram van Buuren