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Match Report for

Boston Maccabi (1st) vs. MIT (1st)
10 September 2016

Location: Dover Sherborn HS Field

Boston Maccabi: 34    MIT: 15

I discussed the rule change for wheeled scrums with MIT prior to the game based on their question. Attacking team maintains possession after a wheeled scrum. I awarded a try in the 4th minute to Maccabi in error. After a brief discussion with the MIT Captain (James), and realizing my error, I waived off the try and explained my error to the Maccabi Captain (Jeremy). He agreed. Maccabi scored a try on the ensuing 5 Meter attacking scrum. At the half, Maccabi was generally in control of play and the scoreboard, 24-10. based on some penalties issues during the first half, I had a discussion with the Maccabi Captain at the half about when it is ok to poach a ball and at what point, if unsuccessful, a player would be considered to have his hands in the ruck. During the second half, Maccabi maintained control of play for the most part and were very aggressive. The MIT Captain began to focus on every play that seemed to not go his way, drawing comparisons to similar (in his mind) plays from earlier in the game that were "called differently", asking for yellow cards for 'repeat' infractions, even though I did not feel it was warranted, and describing issues away from play between players that I was not privy to. I explained that I could not monitor all 30 players on the field at once and that the specific factors in earlier play/situations were different in my view, but that I would do my best to control any situation once I was aware of it. The MIT captains actions and behavior did not in my opinion justify any disciplinary action, I feel he was just frustrated with the imminent result on the day and took offense to the Maccabi continued aggressive play.

Referee: Danny Saccoccio