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Match Report for

Boston Maccabi (1st) vs. Mad River/Stowe (1st)
15 October 2016

Location: Dover/Sherbourne High School Turf Field

Boston Maccabi: 64    Mad River/Stowe: 34

Mad River/Stowe did not have a full side 20 minutes prior to the start of the game, and reports were that their jerseys and remaining players were on there way from NY and would not be on time. Discussed the situation with Maccabi Coach Megan and agreed to delay the start of the game by 15 minutes. Shortly after 1pm I received an update from the MR/Stowe, and the report was that their Captain and jerseys would be arriving shortly, 10 mins or so. After discussing it with Maccabi Coach and Captain, I began the process with a targeted start time of 1:20pm. We kicked off at 1:22pm, shortly after MR/Stowe Captain and jerseys arrived. Play was controlled by Maccabi to start the game and scored the opening points (3) and try (5) unconverted. MR/Stowe started slowly but scored an unconverted try shortly thereafter. However Maccabi regained control of the match with multiple phase play and skilled off loads controlling the game going into the break. MR/Stowe made a number of offside penalties during open play and had a hard time adjusting despite this being a focus during my pre-game discussion. With Maccabi, I discussed when a player should no longer grab at the ball after a tackle, after they were penalized twice in the first half for it. MR/Stowe #'s 1 and 8 were skilled players and kept the game interesting in the 2cd half. Particularly on kick offs, #1 made a few steals, both leading to scores for MR/Stowe. Maccabi made substitutions once the game was in hand. MR/Stowe kicker (#8) was perfect on kicks, making all penalty kicks and conversions. A warning was given to #3 for Maccabi who was close to offsides a number of times on kick offs. I probably should have penalized him at least once, but with the game determined and the late start, I opted for a discussion. Good match, well played for D3. Limited issues with sloppy play.

Referee: Danny Saccoccio