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Match Report for

Boston College Women (2nd) vs. University of Rhode Island Women (2nd)
02 October 2016

Location: The field is directly across from 129 Lake St, down a hill past the parking lot.

Boston College Women: 0    University of Rhode Island Women: 22

There was light rain throughout the day which lead to wet, muddy field conditions. The coaches and I agreed to two 30 minute halves. The first half was played until completion, but we had to shorten the second half due to number of injuries on URI's side. URI won the coin toss and decided to receive the ball. They chose to defend the right side of the pitch (if you have your back to the parking lot). The first try of the game was made by URI, but there was uncertainty as to whether the ball was properly grounded. I saw it from a difficult angle, but Mark Stepsis, a senior referee, and Coach Daley (sp.?) both mentioned that it was a knock. With the weather and experience level, I played advantage for most of the game. Boston College was unable to score, and leaving the final score at 22-0 in favor of URI.

Referee: Olivia Benzan-Daniel