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Match Report for

(1st) vs. Boston Ironsides (1st)
22 October 2016

Location: Hudson Portugese Club, 1 Port St, Hudson MA

: 29    Boston Ironsides: 26

Closely contested match from the start. Framingham was better at maintaining possession/structure, but Ironsides seemed to come up with plays when they needed them. Brief discussion again with Exiles Captain Ken regarding when hands must be clear from the ruck, and addressed one players complete misunderstanding about the rule, and over-zealous objection to the call. 19-12 at the half, Framingham. Play was very spirited in the 2cd half and emotions were running high as well. A number of players attempted to influence calls verbally and I had to warm them accordingly. Ironsides tied the match around the 70 minute mark, and despite a number of attacks within the 22meter line by Exiles, penalties haunted them until Ironsides committed a penalty with under 5 minutes to go, and Exiles made the penalty kick and held them off. The final play of the match resulted in the Ironsides stealing a ball during open play but then almost immediately committing a knock on. The Exiles Hooker, who was generally not an issue during the game, screamed that the Ironside player who made the steal was "Clearly offisdes Sir!" And after the final whistle, I loudly explained to him that there was no ruck, and therefore no offsides, and that he should learn the rules or keep his mouth shut. I regretted scolding him out loud afterward, but frustration over some of the unsolicited 'referee assistance' I got in the 2cd half clearly had gotten to me. 29-26 Exiles. Learning moment, when it starts to get chippy, tighten up on the calls and tolerance level or and can get out of hand.

Referee: Danny Saccoccio