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Match Report for

University of Hartford Women (1st) vs. University of Vermont Women (1st)
15 October 2016

Location: Parking in M lot next to the fields. The rugby pitch is located behind the soccer field and next to the baseball field. Walking down the sidewalk the uprights are clearly visible

University of Hartford Women: 0    University of Vermont Women: 0

I did not ref this match. In the week leading up to this match I coordinated with the Hartford University women's team and the Hartford Club women's team to see if it would be possible to re-schedule the matches so that I could ref both matches on the same day. Initially both matches had been scheduled for 1 pm. The Hartford women agreed to move their match to 2 pm, while the Hartford University women agreed to move their match to 11 am. This would leave enough time for me to move from the first location to the next and ref both matches. However, when I showed up at the Hartford University field around 10:15, there was nobody there. Some of the technical staff informed me that the Hartford University women had scheduled the field for 12 pm. After some waiting two of the Hartford University women showed up and told me that they had moved the match back to 1 pm. They told me that the Vermont team that they were playing had been unable to get bus for the earlier time (or something along those lines). They had scrambled to move their match and found a referee of their own. They simply forgot to inform me or NERRS. It was therefore clear that there was nothing left for me to do there, so I moved on to the location for the Hartford women's match.

Referee: Bram van Buuren