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Match Report for

Bates College (1st) vs. Colby College (1st)
28 October 2016

Location: No location provided

Bates College: 3    Colby College: 0

40 degrees, misting rain, consistent breeze downfield

Bates: 1PK Colby:

The conditions of the evening presented challenges that (understandably) both squads struggled with. The surface was excellence, being a turf field, but the ball was slick and the low temperatures made hanging onto the ball difficult. Each side had a hard time getting any rhythm going, as we would play a few phases and then scrum down. The majority of the game was played between the 22 meter lines, with each side advancing within 10 meters of the goal line. No score after the first half. 2nd half proved much of the same. Despite all of the scrums, each pack worked hard and were clinical in the set piece. The windy conditions made line out play tricky, but Bates seemed to stick to the short pod and won a majority of their throws. As the final minutes of the game approached, it appeared that neither side was going to notch a score. That was until time had expired and Colby was penalized for hands in the ruck. Bates opted for the shot at goal, and with the wind in their favor, split the uprights from about 35 meters. Hard fought on both sides.

Referee: Travis Rowell