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Match Report for

Hartford Wild Rose (1st) vs. Amoskeag Women (1st)
15 October 2016

Location: field information specific to what field in the park will be given once assigned referee has made contact

Hartford Wild Rose: 24    Amoskeag Women: 24

This match started off fast, by Amoskeag scoring a try four minutes after kickoff. Their kicker did not manage to convert, giving them an early five point lead. They scored another try without conversion some seven minutes later, extending their lead. When they scored another try two minutes later, the match started to look grim for the Hartford women. This time Amoskeag's kicker did manage to add the extras making the score 17-0. Thirteen minutes later, twenty-six minutes into the first half, Hartford was able to score a try of their own. Their kicker did not convert, but the gap was made a little smaller. Unfortunately for the Hartford women, Amoskeag scored another try five minutes before halftime. This time they did add the conversion and at halftime the score was 24-5 to Amoskeag. Amoskeag had taken the lead in the first half by playing with a more tactical and disciplined game. The first half was riddled with both teams giving away a lot of penalties, most of them for not releasing the ball or the tackler not releasing. It was up to both teams to clean up their act to play a cleaner game. The Hartford women took this to heart and played a much cleaner game in the second half. The penalties, although still plentiful on both sides, started to be somewhat in favor of Hartford. They also started to gain a clear dominance in the scrum. They managed to use this to their benefit and scored a try twelve minutes into the second half, adding the conversion. They scored again nine minutes later, again with the extras, making the score now 24-19 with Amoskeag still in the lead. Eight minutes before the final whistle, Hartford scored another try close to the sideline. Both teams had 24 points and Hartford's kicker had the opportunity to take the lead for her team for the first time in the match. It was also her most difficult kick in the match. Although it looked like the kick might go between the post for a moment, it swerved slightly of course. With eight minutes to go in the match, the score was tied. Both teams cranked up their performance, seeking those last few points. The Amoskeag women came close to Hartford's try line, but what was added in fierce play was lost in discipline and Amoskeag gave away another penalty. Hartford went on the attack, but Amoskeag forced their ball-carrier into touch. With only seconds left on the clock, Amoskeag had the last lineout, but when the ball flew out to their fly-half, she kicked the ball into touch ending the match in a draw. This was a very tight and enjoyable match, where both teams showed great attitude and played some beautiful rugby.

Referee: Bram van Buuren