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Match Report for

Trinity College (1st) vs. Wesleyan College (1st)
01 October 2016

Location: No location provided

Trinity College: 35    Wesleyan College: 0

It was a grey and drizzly day in Hartford, Connecticut. A perfect day for rugby. The kick-off for the match between Trinity College and Wesleyan College was delayed by fifteen minutes, but as soon as the match got going, it got going hard. Both teams ran hard, tackled hard and contested the ball hard. Trinity was quickly able to gain the lead scoring the first try of the match within minutes after kick-off. They scored again withing another five minutes and started dominating the scoreboard. Both teams continued their physical and competitive play style until half-time, but without for scores in the first half. In the second half they picked up the paced, but what had been hard but friendly play looked to turn into a rowdy brawl. When a Wesleyan player was on the ground and it looked like he was being attacked by some players from Trinity, one of his team mates came in to "assist". This turned into a big scuffle. The referee blew the whistle and asked both teams to calm down and sent the retaliating player of to take a ten minute breather. A couple minutes later one of the men from Trinity was throwing punches at a Wesleyan player he too was sent off. This time the referee told both teams in no unclear terms that rugby was a game for strong people and not for sad people who felt the need to throw punches whenever they got hurt a little. After that the match settled down (although there was a late tackle on a kicker behind the referee's back). Trinity was able to score two more tries. They also had an excellent kicker that scored all of his conversion kicks and won the match 35-0. While the match looked to turn into a vulgar bar fight, both teams pulled up their sportsmanship and managed to bring a good match of rugby to a fair end.

Referee: Bram van Buuren