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Match Report for

Hartford Wild Rose (1st) vs. Worcester Shamrocks
29 October 2016

Location: No location provided

Hartford Wild Rose: 12    Worcester Shamrocks: 47

This match was started with some back and forth. The Hartford women played tight and with good discipline, while the Worcester women seemed to have the advantage of speed. As Worcester conceded some early penalties, Hartford was able to score a try after seventeen minutes, taking the opening score. The conversion kick missed. Worcester retaliated quickly with a try of their own. They did manage to score the conversion, taking the lead. Some seven minutes later Hartford threw in in a line-out close to Worcester's 22 meter line. The ball went to the Hartford fly-half, who ran it all the way to the try-line, darting away from any would be tacklers. This time they did convert, taking the lead back. Eight minutes later, four minutes before half-time, Worcester scored another try and converted. Just before half-time Worcester was able to score another try and conversion, making the score at half-time 12 to 26 for Worcester, but it still seemed like this might go either way. In the second half Hartford quickly opened the attack, being able to recover their own kick-off. Worcester was driven back deep into their own territory, but managed to recover their own ball. The ball flew out to the backs, one of whom took it and ran over eighty meters, all the way to the Hartford try line. This set the tone for the second half. Worcester had clearly tightened up their game, with penalties now going being much fewer and going both ways. Worcester scored two more tries, both from long runs from the backs and scored all of their conversions. Hartford was unable to score any points in the second half, making Worcester the winner of the match by a large margin.

Referee: Bram van Buuren