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Match Report for

Brown University (1st) vs. (1st)
02 April 2017

Location: Beyerlson Family Field, Brown U. campus

Brown University: 19    : 12

Thankfully this match was played on a beautiful Sunday afternoon as opposed to a dreadful Saturday. Princeton returned from their South Africa spring break tour on Thursday, beat Penn on Friday, then traveled to Providence on Saturday to take on Brown on Sunday for the D1-AA Ivy League Championship. Both teams came out hard and fast with quick breakdowns and fast backs. There was no real flow to the match, so my commentary is lacking. The players are still having an awful lot of trouble figuring out what is a ruck and what is a tackle-only, even with communication. They want offside calls during open play. They also seem to want play-by-play from me. So, I guess that's the common thread here; too much chirping from the players. But, not to disparage a very good match. These are both good teams with lots of skill.

Referee: Tom Zanarini