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Match Report for

North Haven Girls (1st) vs. Cheshire Girls (1st)
30 March 2017

Location: The field is next to the North Haven Senior Center, 189 Pool Road, North Haven, CT.

North Haven Girls: 0    Cheshire Girls: 96

This was a difficult match for a number of reasons. Neither team had spent much time practicing and North Haven being a relatively new side was uncertain of even the most basic aspects of play. A coaches decision prior to kick off was to go with unopposed scrums. This was probably a good idea. Cheshire could field the kickoff and run down field pretty much unopposed. Cheshire sub'd quite liberally and still had no problem winning every ball in contention.

I hope NH players do not get too upset with their outcomes and gain a better understanding of playing the game.

On a positive note, weather nice and field in decent shape.

Referee: Don Warner