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Match Report for

Brandeis University vs.
26 March 2017

Location: Gosman gym parking lot, same place where the field it located.

Brandeis University: 0    : 0

This was a fun day despite the wet cold conditions.Brandeis was host with St Anselm, UNE (2 teams), and Colby Sawyer competing. Given the conditions, no one was upset (or at least no one complained) when our 2 intrepid referees essentially eliminated down time between matches. This lead to a surely unprecedented event where the tournament finished (even including a bonus consolation final) slightly ahead of schedule. All of the teams worked hard and played some good rugby despite having to shake off all the winter rust.

UNE and St. Anselm dominated the day with UNE taking the victory in the Final Match. Brandeis won the consolation final against the UNE second team.

Special shout out to the St. Anselm Mom who donated her handwarmers to the referee cause when she was done taking pictures.