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Match Report for

Champlain College (1st) vs. Norwich University (2nd)
02 April 2017

Location: We will be playing on the turf football field.

Champlain College: 15    Norwich University: 0

A pseudo game/ scrimmage comprising of 3 twenty-fives (per the coaches') was had between host Champlain College and Norwich who brought their developing players. While the sun was out, it had yet to melt the 3" of slushy snow of the turf field we were using. This made for some handling errors but footing was good enough to keep scrummaging contested throughout. New players, lacking a understanding of the game let alone the laws, caused penalties and errors consistently but were managed through explanations and some instruction. Discipline was not a issue but some "aggressive errors" by a ew players were addressed. Champlain found the try zone thrice, conversions were not attempted. Nor was kicking for points at PKs due to the take any field/ rugby you can get during April, winter still, here in VT. It was a good early season run-around for both clubs and myself.

Referee: Mark Kanya