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Match Report for

Blue Hills Regional Tech (1st) vs. Wilbraham & Monson Academy (1st)
12 April 2017

Location: All weather pitch is behind school

Blue Hills Regional Tech: 57    Wilbraham & Monson Academy: 17

All weather pitch line for football as well as lacrosse and rugby. Goal posts obviously a concern regarding player position for penalties, or charging at conversions. Weather had been threatening but became clear and cool with mild breeze.

The game was played in excellent spirit and neither team demonstrated emotion which might have tarnished the game, particularly because of the great physical effort put in by both sides.

Blue Hills appears to be a new team. Infringements and errors were typically due to unfamiliarity with the laws. Blue Hills did listen, and do their best to respond to game management. However, the lack of experience meant that often players were not in position to provide a structured attack. The pick and drive was Blue Hills most successful strategy with players willing to go directly into contact as opposed to stepping into space at the tackle. W+M were able to read this which made advances beyond the gain Lin difficult despite the effort put in by Blue Hills. Blue Hills did try to move the ball out wide on occasion, but as noted, the unfamiliarity with positioning for a quick paced running attack meant there were handling errors or ineffective movement out wide.

W+M had a very well drilled attack and defense. The half back had excellent ball control at this level, able to make 20 meter passes out to the centers as one of his options. This was used frequently since the Blue Hills team was still figuring out distribution in a flat line across the pitch. W+M were able to crowd the Blue Hills defense in, then spin wide. When Blue Hills was wide in second half, some tackles were missed. But as the Blue Hills team learned about the defensive balance between pick and drive, and wide backs ball they improved. Several substitutions by W+H helped, however, this was a good turning point where Blue Hills was able to get 3 tries on the board to W+H's 9.

Overall both teams were disciplined, cool, and applied great effort to the match.

Referee: Peter Rizzo