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Match Report for

Andover High School (1st) vs. Scituate High School Stormers (1st)
25 April 2017

Location: No location provided

Andover High School: 21    Scituate High School Stormers: 7

Scituate came out strong in this cold and rainy match despite being stuck in traffic for an unpleasant period of time. Both teams played with speed and a certain reckless disregard for ones own safety that only teenagers are capable of. In the end, Scituate just couldn't break through a very solid defensive line put up by Andover and Andover capitalized on the occasional lack of communication between the Scituate players to grind their tries in.

Both teams should be proud of the effort they put in. I expect both will continue to have good performances as the season progresses.

Referee: Abigail Kline