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Match Report for

Simsbury High (CT) (1st) vs. Fairfield Prep (1st)
19 May 2017

Location: Turf Football Field

Simsbury High (CT): 29    Fairfield Prep: 25

Simsbury contested my assignment claiming possible bias given my affiliation with Prep. Neal Dill came down and observed and gave me his full confidence to referee the match. Sims bury head coach Ed Matteo, who he and I had a quarrel earlier in the season, spoke to me before the game, noting it wasn't him who contested my assignment.

The facility was gorgeous, the athletic training staff excellent, and the game overall extremely competitive. Very physical, extremely passionate, and fun to be a part of.

Prep was clearly better skilled, but Simsbury capitalized on every mistake Prep made and scored tries. Prep came all the way back to within 5 before conceding a penalty 10m out of simsbury's line. 12 for Prep was penalized for back talk, as this was the third time he tried to quick tap behind my back, and I had called him back to take the ball from the mark. This time, he directly commented to me and crossed the line, hence the penalty. Neal noted it seemed harsh, but when I explained the circumstance he seemed agreeable. Neal commended my refereeing and the low penalty count.

Overall, it was an excellent game by two clear state contenders. I was honored to be selected to referee such a high level game, and look forward to doing so in the future.

Referee: Austin Ryan