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Match Report for

University of Connecticut Women (1st) vs. Saint Michael's College Women (1st)
16 September 2017

Location: No location provided

University of Connecticut Women: 75    Saint Michael's College Women: 0

My second match of a UConn double header on a day that I would have rather not had two matches. With a 3pm start and one hour between matches the heat and humidity was getting thick. On top of that I got to witness the men's club soccer team playing a match on the adjacent field with a team of 3 referees. We need more referees. But I did have technical zone assistants that were extremely capable, and again the scoreboard attendant was flawless in her duties. With multiple stoppages including 20 minute water breaks we were only off by 5 seconds.

Another story of one team stepping up to D1 for the first time. St. Michael's showed great promise and lots of rugby knowledge. Their players were athletic, but a bit overmatched by a very well-drilled UConn team. They had excellent ball handling skills, were superb at counter-rucking and did not miss one conversion kick by multiple kickers.

Referee: Tom Zanarini