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Match Report for

Williams College (1st) vs. Wesleyan College (1st)
14 October 2017

Location: Williams College Pitch, Stetson Rd., Williamstown, MAFor exact Directions please visit is directly near the pitch.

Williams College: 22    Wesleyan College: 21

A bright day with a cool breeze in the high 60s, perfect conditions for rugby. Wesleyan took an early lead with an uncomplicated penalty kick. The home side hit back with two tries, using some speed in their backline to take advantage of some positional mismatches. Missed conversions and a missed penalty kick from Williams, along with a late Wesleyan on 39 minutes lead to a 10-8 home lead, though play would have most people expecting a larger margin in favour of the home side.

The second half again started brightly for Williams, with the crossing with whitewash early to extent their lead. Again, no conversion. Wesleyan thought they'd reduced the deficit with a well worked attempt in the left corner, only for the would-be try scorer to knock on while attempting to ground the ball. Another penalty from the visitors kept their own scoreboard ticking over at 15-11. Williams finally converted a try with 10 minutes to go, giving them a 22-11 cushion that, with the way the second half was going, they probably didn't deserve. While Wesleyan had a lot of territory and possession, some little mistakes stopped them from capitalising on their upper hand. A seven-point score from Wesleyan set up a pulsating final three minutes, where the away team threw the kitchen sink at Williams in search of what would surly be a winning try.

With seconds left on the clock, Wesleyan were awarded a penalty just inside the 22, slightly to the right of the posts. While deciding on how to proceed, the Wesleyan captain received a call from his coach, and called for an attempt at points. Unfortunately, the away team bench had miscalculated the score, and were under the impression the current score was 22-22, not the 22-18 it actually stood at. Once this was explained, Wesleyans were disappointed to learn they could not retract their request to take a kick at goal. The ball sailed thought the posts rather forlornly, to end the game on a dull note at 22-21 to Williams

Referee: Pete Annely