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Match Report for

University of Connecticut (1st) vs. Tufts University (1st)
16 September 2017

Location: No location provided

University of Connecticut: 48    Tufts University: 26

Very hot and humid day for rugby. UConn has a nice setup for rugby at the Club Sports complex. The field seemed full length, but with one heck of a crown. New goal posts and functioning scoreboard (with attendee!) was a luxury. Not to mention the four (!) athletic trainers on staff. That's one heck of a club sports setup. So, on to the match. Tufts is in their first year of D1, jumping up from NSCRO. They have the players, they just need to work on the pace of D1. Mistakes are punished with tries. A good back and forth rally but UConn was just a few steps ahead.

Referee: Tom Zanarini