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Match Report for

Burlington (1st) vs. MIT (1st)
30 September 2017

Location: Essex Tree Farm

Burlington: 24    MIT: 15

Great weather for rugby, more than made up for the previous weekend's heatwave. Very evenly matched game, with few stolen balls at rucks, scrums, or lineouts. Burlington's only advantage was the number of players they brought to the game, utilizing their full complement of subs while MIT only came with 16 players. Burlington's tries were a result of sucking in defenders at rucks, then when the ball was given to the backs, they were able to break the line via sharp cuts or nice offloads. MIT's tries tended to take advantage of Burlington miscues or penalties, or long open runs like the try near the final whistle that was a 70 meter breakaway. Well played, hard fought match.

Referee: Marcel Girouard